Never forget to tend the fireplace

I had never built a fire in the fireplace before, but it looked extremely easy.

My dad would lay some paper down onto the hearth and set fire to it.

After a couple seconds, he would throw some twigs on top of the paper. When the twigs caught fire, he would put some larger pieces of wood on top of twigs. We would soon have a blazing fire in the fireplace. It felt so good to stand in front of the fireplace and feel the heat just move throughout your body and you would be warmed inside and out. When I was old enough to stay home alone, my mom and dad went away for the weekend. They told me to keep the fire going and to not go out. I was a teenager who had my own car, so I’m pretty sure they didn’t expect me to stay home. Within an hour after my parents left, my best friend and I were out looking for something to do. I completely forgot about the fire. When I got home, I knew I had to get the fireplace going since our furnace was broken and it was freezing outside. I put the paper onto the hearth and I set fire to it. I laid some wood on top of the twigs and I blew gently till they caught fire. Then I threw a log onto the hearth, hoping the fireplace would begin to give off the heat. I ended up calling the HVAC company and asking when they were going to fix the furnace. I learned how much it costs to fix a furnace and it cost my entire week’s paycheck.

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