I was not unhappy

As a property owner and renter I have seen just about anything plus everything when cleaning out homes once a renter has vacated.

I have had to upgrade flooring disfigured by humans, children, and pets, redone plumbing that was clogged or disfigured by irresponsible and constipated people, plus even had to pay for industrial cleaning in some horrible cases.

This last issue almost had me giving up on the whole career entirely. Sure, I was able to keep the security deposit for myself, but, that didn’t come close to covering the cost involved in finally repairing the Heating plus Air Conditioning system. Not only did I eventually have to have the air duct cleaned due to the enormous stash of drugs both of us found tucked in the vents, I had to have the unit fully repaired because they had kept it running non stop with an inefficient humidifier set up to help grow the plants in the basement. They had gone ahead and clogged off various of the air vents with cardboard so that the central heat could be directed to the growing area more easily. This only causes a build up of debris at the opening of the vents that can only be described to anyone as bleh. I had to make sure that the Heating plus Air Conditioning method was scrubbed out plus safe before I could rent the unit to anyone else. I have already changed my rental agreement to include annnual inspections because I want to fully ensure that renters are not damaging my property like that again in the near or distant future. I assume it solves the mystery as to why the previous renters never complained about anything or asked me to repair anything.



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