I should have listened to the weather

Snow was beginning to fall.

I was heading out for a walk in the woods yesterday. I had my sweater wrapped around my hips and my sunglasses. The weather was so beautiful with the sun shining and a light breeze. I wish I had listened to the weather report before heading out. I was about three miles out and getting ready to head home, when the gentle breeze starting bending the trees in half. The sun was obscured behind the clouds, and I could feel the change in the temperature. I quickly unwrapped my sweater and pulled it tightly around me. I was in a full out run by the time I got home. The temperature had gone from fifty degrees to below freezing. I walked into the house and turned on the heating. I had the thermostat turned off, but now it was up to sixty-eight. I knew I needed to get the chill out of the house. I had a bit of comfort when I heard the furnace kick in. I turned on the television hoping to get the end of the weather report. That was when I knew I should have listened to the news earlier. They were calling for the temperatures to fall steadily throughout the day. I’m glad I hadn’t stayed out any longer. Snow was beginning to fall. I looked down at my shorts, t-shirt, and the sweater I was still wearing. The furnace was humming and steadily. So much for my always being prepared for anything. I definitely was not prepared for this day, and my thermostat was telling me so as I reached to turn the temperature up a bit more.
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