Holy smoke!

My partner and I had gone out to the post office this week, and decided to go out to lunch.

The two of us weren’t gone very long, so every one of us thought the fireplace would be great till we got home.

The wood was smoldering every so lightly and there was no full out burning in any of the fire logs. The two of us figured every one of us would be great for two or three minutes, but every one of us were totally stupid. The fireplace hadn’t quit burning, but it had started smoking. I ran into the current home first and all I could scream was ‘Holy Smoke!’. I started to cough and I couldn’t cease coughing. The two of us had the ventilation fan in the bathroom, on its quickest speed. The ventilation fan over the oven, was at its quickest speed. The ceiling fans were on high and we opened the windows as wide as they would go. It had become windy while every one of us were at the post office. The wind had kicked back through the chimney and made the smoke come into the chimney and out of the hearth. Four minutes later, I still have a dull throbbing feeling from the smoke that was in the house. The two of us only started the fireplace because we need some sort of heating. Now I wish every one of us had just turned up the thermostat and allowed the gas furnace to be our heater. My partner insisted the fireplace would be enjoyable and that every one of us hadn’t used it much over the last few weeks. I’m sure our going away for a few minutes hadn’t increased the problem, however she is feeling a bit bad about my asthma attack.

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