A great vacation

I can’t get over the amazing luck both of us had in finding our current home.

The two of us had only been on the market looking for a few weeks when 1 of our friends told us about the awesome property.

They had an aunt that was moving into assisted residing next month plus her beach beach house hadn’t even hit the market yet. I previously knew that the beach house was in a great area so both of us made quick arrangements to go meet with her aunt plus look the beach house over with her. The beach house is about seventy 5 years outdated but has still been well took care of over the years. There was 1 feature that sold me on the property almost instantaneously plus I could picture myself enjoying my afternoon cup of coffee each afternoon in the beautiful sunroom that was attached to the old back of the house. My husband, of course, was more concerned outright with the plumbing, wiring, plus Heating plus Air Conditioning system. He even asked about the age of the roof plus windows, all the important little stuff. I didn’t care, I wanted the sunroom. I observed that it had its own individual Heating plus Air Conditioning unit that was hanging on the wall so I was happy. I figured I would be all set. As it turned out the items my husband was all upset about were current plus fine also plus both of us were able to make a great offer of the beach house instantaneously. Our friends aunt was blissful because she never even had to go through the whole real estate broker thing plus she felt a lot better knowing the people who would live in her loved home.

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