The whole town was out of AC at one point

The hardware store had to order more air conditioners and wait for them to be shipped

My town is so small that we should be back in the olden days. There is one stoplight that you have to go through in order to get into town. Once you are there the businesses are scarce. One gas station, one grocery store and one post office. However, you do have three options for pizza or dry cleaning. That is my bustling town. We additionally only have one hardware store and what they have is what they have. Last summer my town experienced the biggest heat wave ever. Not only do the heat come in early and longer, but the heat was intense. The temperatures got to be in the 90s and that is unheard of for my area. Summer is usually mild at best so nobody owned an air conditioner. The summer heat leaves so quick that having a cooling system would be pointless. People freaked out about how hot it was and the older generation wanted AC to keep themselves cool since they were stuck inside. Our little hardware store only kept five air conditioners on hand for the summertime. They were bought out within a week and then there was no more AC. People were going crazy like it was the apocalypse coming and there was no shelter. The hardware store had to order more air conditioners and wait for them to be shipped. My town is so sheltered and old that nobody really had the capability of going online and purchasing AC for themselves. People also would not drive over an hour to a major city in order to buy a good air conditioner.

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