Industrial spaces and a Furniture business

My business partner and I are in the custom furniture business.

We’ve been working on it for the past eight years.

We started constructing tables, chairs and cabinets, and everyone raved over our pieces. We had difficulty fulfilling the orders in a timely manner. In the first four years of business, our number of orders doubled and then tripled in the fifth year. We started to consider expanding our work space. Finally, my partner and I decided to search for a much larger industrial space. I checked all over the local area, but we couldn’t find suitable industrial space for rent or sale. We finally heard about some friends who have a property in Northland. They offered to rent the industrial space in Northland for a low rent. My business partner and I decided to take the offer and the space. We immediately signed a lease for the space in Northland. The industrial lease was for a 10-year time period. Our lease is going to be up in two more years, and we plan to offer a good price to buy the industrial space in Northland. The owner of the industrial space might be reluctant to sell, although we hope to make him a decent offer that he won’t want to refuse. All of our machines are already set up in the building, and our business works effortlessly. I would be hesitant to move all that and our inventory to another location. We would be forced to shut down the factory for at least a few days, if not a whole week. My partner and I do not want to lease the building for 10 more years. We now have enough money to purchase a property.


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