The recent storm

During a recent trip with my buddies we ran into a entirely difficult situation.

This year we decided that we wanted to go on a river rafting trip through the gorge downstate.

Both of us all gathered our belongings in our backpacks & met up early in the morning for the drive down. It was early Spring & the weather was entirely mild. Both of us were all looking forward to the trip because it was the time of year when the river was at it highest point due to the recent snowmelt. The several hour ride seemed to be going just nice until we started hearing a hissing noise coming from the engine. Next thing we knew, we were stranded on the side of the road. Both of us were in the middle of nowhere & had spotty cell service at best. It wasn’t a entirely well travelled road so we had to hope for the best that someone was going to pass by. Well, we had supplies in our backpacks, so we decided to start down the road with our gear & try to find help. After about an hour we were tired & giving up hope. It was then that we spotted a beach house just off the road. Both of us headed over to see if it was occupied. It was vacant however with the sun setting we knew we needed shelter. It must have been a hunting beach house of sorts & there was a key under the mat. Both of us settled in & 1 of my friends looked at the furnace that was in the corner. It was fueled by propane & we were lucky enough that there was still gas in the holding tank. That evening the rapidly changing temperatures dropped into the lower thirties & we were entirely blissful to have found the beach house with heat.
Cooling workman