A wrench in the business

For the fourth time this week I localed a call to the Heating & Air Conditioning corporation in town.

They have come out each time to try & find a complication we have been having with the heat. It warms the apartment up just fine, but, each time it starts up or shuts down there is a horrible noise. I know embarrassed to keep calling but I entirely need it to stop. My partner keeps thinking the thing is going to blow up & wants to go stay in a hotel until we find the problem. I can’t afford that any more than I can afford a modern Heating & Air Conditioning idea so I hope that they find the issue this time, the worker asked us if we could shut the idea completely down when she was here. She wanted to open up the unit & fully inspect it. After about fifteen minutes she came up from the basement with a smile on her face & an seasoned wrench in her hand, i thought that this was weird & as she explained where she found the wrench it all started to make sense. At the end of last season my father in law had gave to change the filter. I agreed because it would save me time. She did that & told me that she had made some adjustments that would make the idea run better, and she must have opened up the side & left the wrench leaning against the wall inside, then each time the idea turned on it caused the wrench to rattle against the side. That sound travelled through the ducttoil causing the sound that we heard, and both of us were so relieved to find that it was such a straight-forward thing however bothered by the fact that the other workers hadn’t found the problem.

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