Have you noticed an uptake in the amount of scams that are out there these mornings.

They seem to target individuals that may be more prone to believing the story than others.

None of the the twenty, or even thirty somethings are the type to know the stories that the con people come up with. But, when it comes to the entirely young or the elderly, they are prime targets. It all starts with a PC call, knock on the door, or a letter in the mail. It normally promises you something spectacular or sounds appreciate you are in trouble about something you did or didn’t do. Many of the people running these scams have just enough information to make the sound legit. The complication with this is that it is making it entirely hard for actual corporations & agencies to do their job. Both of us are becoming a humanity of people who are unwilling to trust something at face value. Take the local Heating & Air Conditioning supplier in town, they sent out a group of people to put a sale ad on people’s doors! Many of them were met by homeowners who ordered them off of their property because they did not know they were who they said they were. This supplier was legitimately offering a whole apartment ducttoil cleaning for only fifty dollars. This was a fantastic deal & it was too bad that more people were not even willing to take the flyer. They needed that to take advantage of the offer. This means that when they call for this service they will now have to pay full price at the time of the cleaning.


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