Nurses don't like the office temp

While resting in the waiting room this month I couldn’t help however overhear the dentists behind the counter as they were having a disagreement.

I have never heard such unprofessional discussions at our dentist’s office before so I figured that something entirely bad had happened. According to what I heard the one dentist had been written up for taking too much time off. She had been sick multiple times over the course of the Winter time in addition to didn’t understand why that would call for a reprimand. She said that he had been proactive when the flu season started in addition to had gotten his flu shot instantly. She typically washed his hands after each patient in addition to sanitized the table in the room before the next appointment. This was the first Winter time that he had experienced so much difficulty in addition to he could not figure out why. When I was called back to see the dentist I knew I had to ask him a really severe question. It had nothing to do with our health, it had to do with how clean his Heating & Air Conditioning system was. I am an Heating & Air Conditioning worker by trade in addition to I suppose first hand that if you are not diligent about decreasing the filters or having the ducttoil cleaned, germs in addition to bacteria can grow in the system in addition to be re-circulated. This means that there is a constant supply of flu in addition to frosty germs being pushed into the entire space. This I hope he looks into it in addition to talks to that poor dentist. If it wasn’t entirely his fault that he was sick he really shouldn’t be punished for it.

HVAC serviceman