The setbacks to owning something

I am the sole owner of a local HVAC dealer; We do not just deal in Heating and A/C equipment, however both of us also repair people’s commercial heating and a/cs.

  • We do everything from fresh installs of brand current and current central heating and a/cs, all the way to repairs and replacements of old heating and a/cs! However, this is the easy part.

I can tell you that the toughest area of this business is being a shop that sells assorted HVAC parts for both HVAC specialists and the general public. A lot of times, both of us sell out of a particular piece of heating and cooling device or part. To get a brand current stock in of that heating and cooling area can be hard. We deal with about 5 odd Heating and A/C corporations. If none of those 5 Heating and A/C corporation warehouses have the parts or Heating and A/C device both of us need in bulk stock, both of us could lose some business for a little while, and usually, 1 of those 5 HVAC corporations have the parts both of us need in bulk. But, on occasion, it does not happen that way and both of us are out of luck. We had a problem appreciate this about 4 weeks ago. A local heating and cooling specialist needed a motor for a particular kind of heating and a/c, and both of us could not get the area in time. We lost 1 customer that week. These are the breaks of owning your own shop!


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