The local gym needs a better a/c system

My local gym is very confusing to me.

I adore it and I go there about 5 times a week, however they make some questionable decisions, and for the Last year the A/C has not been working very well.

I have looked at the thermostat and it says it is 65 degrees, however it sure feels like 100. When I am working out a need a great a/c or fan nearby. I mentioned it to the gym owner, and he told myself and others that his son is an Heating and A/C repairman and he would be out soon. That was weeks ago, and nothing has happened. I have gotten used to there being no a/c in the gym, it’s kind of nice to sweat a lot. The confusing part is Last weekthey installed a new sauna in the locker room. I was so confused about this decision! The entire gym feels like a sauna and needs AC, however instead they spent money installing a sauna. I adore the sauna, despite the fact that I would much rather have an A/C equipment near myself and others while I am working out. I asked the owner again about the A/C issue and he said nobody else was having a concern with the temperature and that I could call my own Heating and A/C specialist if I was very so upset about it. After that conversation I cancelled my gym membership to find another gym with AC! My new gym not only has a sauna, they also have fans and multiple a/c units in the facility!
Cooling technician