I can’t keep our mother from messing with furnace while I’m on holiday

My beach house is rather old and genuinely challenging to heat in the winter; I live in the northeastern part of the country, and the Winter time weather is horrific, and all of us are often hit with sub zero hot and cold temperatures, high winds and excessive snowfall… Just a handful of years ago, our spouse and I had enough of shoveling snow, scraping ice, hiding indoors for several straight months, and paying big heating bills. All of us bought a small beach house down south, where we can care about a moderate weather conditions with plenty of sunshine, however leaving the beach house up north empty for such a long duration is a bit worrisome, however there’s always a chance of the oil furnace malfunctioning and the water pipes cold. I made the mistake of asking our mother to check on the beach house every once in a while. I simply wanted her to walk through the house, run the faucets briefly, flush the toilets and make sure there were no disasters. I particularally asked her not to touch the ventless furnace installed in the bedroom. The ventless gas furnace is not totally reliable or safe. All of us only use it for space heating on genuinely cold days. The filters tend to clog genuinely suddenly and then the furnace runs at maximum capacity without shutting off. All of us worry about it overheating and causing a fire, my mother continuously runs the furnace while I’m away, but she insists that it’s necessary to prevent our water pipes from cold. I’ve repeatedly told her that the ventless furnace is not dependable and warned her not to leave it running attended, and nothing I say makes any difference. I’m now thinking that I need to tear the furnace out, before our mother burns down our house.


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