Losing some electric and my oil furnace runs on gas

My heating plan is sort of tricky when the power goes out.

I have a gas fireplace, but it runs with an electric start. To turn on, off and alter the amount of heating, I need electrical power for my wireless remote. As it heats, the fuel is just gas though, so what does this mean for power outages? This means I need to be on it when the power starts flickering on and off, my oil furnace will just keep on heating with gas if it is already on and the power goes out. Then, my family has no water or lights, but the people I was with and I have heating use so all is okay. If the oil furnace was not on when the power went on, the people I was with and I are screwed. I need electric to switch it on. I can’t even manually start up the oil furnace without any electric. So anytime the lights start flickering or the winds start howling, I turn on the heating device. The fireplace gives off some light too since it shows an artificial flame, and late at evening when the people I was with and I have no power, it is nice that it serves as another candle. I regularly think poor for the homes that use just an electric oil furnace. They need electric to turn on and to run the heater, then when the power is out, they just have no heating. They could mess with a generator and hook everything up if they are capable; But, that is a lot of labor and periodically the power will be back in a few hours, then no heating in the Wintertide time is rough though.


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