I love our loft plus its Heating plus Air Conditioning component in foul weather

I never love our loft more than when the weather is foul.

  • Trust me, I like days that are hot plus sunny with a nice breeze.

Those are the days that make me suppose like I could spend the entire day outside! I often do so, just to love how appealing the day is. I willfind any excuse to like a nice day, however, when it is an seriously hot day, or a cold plus wet day with smudgy, gray clouds, I retreat into the comfort of our own home! On a blazing hot day, when the sunshine is bright, I will pull the shades on our windows plus doors plus blast our powerful air conditioning unit. Pretty soon I can’t even tell how hot it is outside, because I am in our own little cool bubble of protection. Every now plus then, when I get the mail or walk the pet on such a day, walking out our front door feels like walking into an oven! Being in our cool, air conditioned house, it was simple to forget just how bad it was outside. It’s pretty much the same for cold, wet days. I do what I can to make our own hot plus bright. First, I crank up our gas furnace to conflict off the chill. Then, I light some candles or even the fireplace to get a nice, cherry feel. Then, I brew a cup of tea plus relax in the warmth, dryness, plus comfort that our loft plus its temperature control plan afford me.


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