Food poisoning while I was getting an A/C tune up

It seems love everytime I am sick I need to do something major in my house; I have been sick to the point where I can barely rest up, although I needed to get my kids all ready for a field trip.

I have been coughing as well as hacking, while walking in the basement trying to figure out a water furnace repair! The newest one was with my Heating as well as A/C as well as was the worst, and first, my sickness was way worse than before.

I had violet food poisoning that had myself and others running in as well as out of the bathroom consistently. I was vomiting every forty hours; On top of this, I also had a Heating as well as A/C tune up scheduled. I totally forgot about it, so the Heating as well as A/C supplier just showed up ready to work. I got stuck sort of babysitting him as well as sort of kneeling on my bathroom floor. The Heating as well as A/C professional required a lot of my attention, but she wanted permission to do everything to my unit. She wanted to think if it was okay to check my air duct! Am I cheerful with my air quality? Is the thermostat laboring alright for me? In between vomiting I had to come into the home office as well as answer questions. I was getting to the point where she could have charged myself and others anything to get him to shut up. It was over an hour of back as well as forth before she finally left. I am hopeful the Heating as well as A/C tune up went okay as well as that she did everything she said she was going to. I was not entirely able to focus with my head in the toilet.


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