Smelling of disaster

There are particular things in life that all human react the exact same way to.

If we hear a particular sound, like the sound of a car horn, we know to pay attention.

The sound of the crashing waves at the ocean on a elegant sunny afternoon is wonderful to almost everyone! Our five senses are entirely our built in signaling devices to keep us aware of both great & bad things around us. I can only imagine those that are either born without, or lose, a single of them life can be difficult. Anyway, there is another thing that makes most of us have the same response, the aroma of smoke in our homes, but this is what happened last night at my home & I was immediately put into panic mode; My family was sitting in the dining room, all settled in to watch a movie on a chilly Winter night, when all of a sudden there was a strong aroma of smoke that filled the room. All of us right away headed to the neighbors to call 911. There was no sign of flames however we wanted to be safe & worry about the stuff in the modern home later. The emergency team arrived within moments & were able to determine that the smoke was coming from the basement where the furnace was located. The unit’s motor had burned up, & thankfully, it is an electric furnace, & there was no flammable fuel source to start a fire right away. One of the fireman said that if it had been a gas powered furnace we may have lost the whole house. All of us were able to stay with our buddy for the night & I localed a call to my insurance company & my Heating, Ventilation, & A/C dealer. They said that they will be able to substitute the idea with a single that they have in stock & my insurance will cover the cost of the clean up in our home.


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