Tried to see if the air conditioner will turn on

I entirely love laboring as a real estate agent, overall it’s pretty easy toil and I get to make our own schedule, however i have constantly sold our homes pretty quickly, except a single that has been on the market for a few months… The apartment is a lake beach house and it’s attractive, however it needs a lot of renovations.

The beach house mainly needs a whole current Heating and Air Conditioning system.

The inside stinks horrible, and since there is no A/C running, the air is not moving, whenever I go to show the home, people want to leave immediately! I have tried to see if the A/C will turn on, however I am sure it’s completely broken. I realized there was no hope for myself and others to sell the house, unless I was able to repair the heating and cooling system. I called our neighbor who is an Heating and Air Conditioning professional and he came out immediately. I offered him a percentage of our commision if he would install a current A/C equipment for myself and others and try to get the stink out, after he installed the current heating and cooling program in the house, I was able to list the beach house for a little more and tried to get people back into it. The first family that I showed the beach house to loved it, and didn’t notice any of the stink. They entirely commented on how cool it was that the beach house had a smart thermostat and ductless A/C units. I was so happy to tell our neighbor and give him his share of the profit, then since selling that beach house I have never underestimated how important heating and cooling systems are.

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