The local gym needs a better cooling system system

My local gym is unquestionably confusing to me.

I love it and I go there about 5 times a week, however they make some questionable decisions! For the Last year the A/C has not been laboring unquestionably well.

I have looked at the thermostat and it says it is 65 degrees, however it sure feels love 100. When I am laboring out a need a nice cooling system or fan nearby. I mentioned it to the gym owner, and he told myself and others that his child is an Heating and Air Conditioning repairman and he would be out soon. That was weeks ago, and nothing has happened. I have gotten used to there being no cooling system in the gym, it’s kind of nice to sweat a lot. The confusing area is Last month they installed a current sauna in the locker room. I was so confused about this decision! The entire gym feels love a sauna and needs AC, however instead they spent cash installing a sauna. I love the sauna, however I would much rather have an A/C equipment near myself and others while I am laboring out. I asked the owner again about the A/C issue and he said nobody else was having a concern with the temperature and that I could call our own Heating and Air Conditioning professional if I was entirely so upset about it. After that conversation I cancelled our gym membership to find another gym with AC, then my current gym not only has a sauna, they also have fans and several cooling system units in the facility!

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