We added some air fresheners

My neighbor is a very smart guy. He is always working on things and making things. And when I am talking about making things, I mean building and inventing! One thing he built recently was his very own air purification system. It was not one of those whole home air purification systems that you would get from an HVAC professional. My neighbor put his own creativity to use. This air purifier that he built would be able to clean the air in one room. From what he told me, he used some parts from a broken central heating and cooling system as the base of it. Then, he used some parts from a broken exhaust fan. Following that, he used some air fresheners to top it all off. To me, none of this made sense. But let me tell you, this home made air purification system really worked! When he showed me the room of his house he tested the air purifier on, I was amazed! The room actually had really pure indoor air quality! I could not believe what I was breathing and smelling! The nice smell that went with it was coming from the air fresheners he added. These were not needed at all to make the air purification system he built work. They were there just to make the room smell nice. I offered him 100 dollars to build me 2 of his air purification systems. My neighbor declined that offer and said he would do it for 50 dollars. What a neat guy he is! I shook his hand and thanked him for the discount.

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