This is at max capacity

There are a lot of factors involved with myself and others studying better, then i think I can’t be hungry if I genuinely want to focus on a study assignment of any kind. I also need the environment to be relatively quiet and free of distractions. I guess this should be a given; Periodically, it helps to have a pair of earphones in, listening to something to block out the noise around me. I often like ambience videos over music; such as the sound of a crackling fireplace and a rainstorm… However, there is another factor in whether or not I will have a nice study session. It genuinely annoys myself and others if the temperature in the environment is not where I want it to be; For example, the Borders and kindle lab of my university is perfect for studying in every way except for temperature. It is always insufferably cold in there, however so cold that I simply cannot focus on any manner of class assignment. I have no earthly system why they insist on kicking up the air-conditioning to max capacity nearly  always! I wonder as I look around at the Borders if any other student is affected by the cold, but many of them are indeed wearing an extra layer, even if it is moderate outside. It is a shame that I cannot rely on those facilities to study because of the cold. it is quiet and the furniture is comfortable and the kindles themselves are genuinely great. I feel I just have to deal with it and wear a jacket or jacket when I am in there!

indoor comfort