My father and the furnace

Back a long time ago when I was a small boy, I remember my father always had problems with the furnace. The furnace in our house growing up was always going out on us. We didn’t have a lot of money, so we never could afford to call a heating and air conditioning company to fix it. My father always had to go and fix it himself. And believe me, every single time that furnace would go out, he would get steaming mad! He would literally beat that furnace with a hammer some times. Sometimes he would even kick the furnace with his work boots. The furnace actually would work after those beatings sometimes! My family used to think it was hilarious when my father would go down and fix the furnace. We never knew what to expect or how he would react that day. These days, I am an adult and have my own family. But thankfully, we do not have a furnace to deal with. I made it a major point to get central heating and air conditioning. This was because I did not want to be like my father! Even if we did have a furnace, I would be able to afford to call a heating and air conditioning specialist. It was with good luck and fortune that I was able to secure a good paying job and career. My father is very proud of me, and so is my mother. I still look back and laugh at those days when my father would get mad at the old gas furnace in our house growing up, though!

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