What a ductless mini split

When my wife and I came into a large inheritance from her late parents, we wanted to make sure the money was well spent. There’s a memorial site that is dedicated in their honor, and it’s a lovely grassy little recreation space at a park near the house in which they used to live. Aside from that, we did also want to invest in a small rental property that we could use as a revenue stream. We felt we would name it after her parents, and treat it like a bed & breakfast! So, we set out to find property that wouldn’t require a ton of fixing up to become a rental home that we could list online. Of all the homes we found in six months, the one we liked the most was a beautiful cottage on the beach! However, this place didn’t have any air conditioning system to speak of. Ironically, the house did have a state of the art heating system, and used radiant heated floors to keep the beach house warm. My wife and I did research and found that of the more cost-effective A/C systems to choose from, the ductless mini-split system was the best rated of all! As the name implies, this is an air conditioning system that does not require air ducts t work. Instead, there’s an indoor air handling unit that dispenses the cool air, which comes from an outdoor air compressor and condenser. It’s so simple, we could install the ductless mini-split A/C system ourselves! Of course, we won’t risk making any errors – we’ll call an HVAC service company and leave it to the pros.

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