The indoor air

I think there needs to be a literal change in the air in the gym where I’ve been working out for the past 6 months, then ever since I’ve been there, I’ve been noticing a distinct decrease in the indoor air conditions in the building where the gym is located, then it’s the weirdest thing, but every time I work out, I end up sneezing our head off in the car all the way home, and at first I thought it was something in the heating vents in our car that was making myself and others sneeze. I mean, of course, I beginning the heating in our car on the way home, since I’m usually entirely sweaty after working out plus the frosty temperature outside makes myself and others suppose love a popsicle! So I thought maybe it was the heating proposal in our car that was making myself and others sneeze, then but then one day, I had to drive our hubby’s car to the gym plus I sneezed just as much on our way beach house that day! I knew that I couldn’t be allergic to her car’s heating proposal plus our car’s gas furnace too! So I figured out that it had something to do with the indoor air conditions in the gym. I talked to the manager of the building, plus I found out that sure enough, the ductwork in the building hasn’t been cleaned in the past more than 2 years! Who knows what kind of dust plus debris is floating around in that gym, especially when the heating proposal kicks in? I right away complained about all the sneezing plus she said that she would call the local Heating plus A/C contractor to come in next week.

el kemp