So much debris is floating around

I think there needs to be a literal change in the air in the gym where I’ve been working out for the past more than five months. Ever since I’ve been there, I’ve been noticing a distinct decrease in the indoor air quality in the building where the gym is located… It’s the weirdest thing, but every time I work out, I end up sneezing my head off in the car all the way home, however at first I thought it was something in the heating vents in my car that was making myself and others sneeze. I mean, of course, I start the heating in my car on the way home, since I’m usually easily sweaty after working out and the cold temperature outside makes myself and others suppose like a popsicle! So I thought maybe it was the heating method in my car that was making myself and others sneeze. But then 1 day, I had to drive my husband’s car to the gym and I sneezed just as much on my way home that day! I knew that I couldn’t be allergic to his car’s heating method and my car’s gas furnace too! So I figured out that it had something to do with the indoor air quality in the gym. I talked to the supervisor of the building, and I found out that sure enough, the ductwork in the building hasn’t been cleaned in the past many years! Who knows what kind of dust and debris is floating around in that gym, especially when the heating method kicks in? I right away complained about all the sneezing and he said that he would call the local Heating and Air Conditioning contractor to come in next week.