We heard random sounds

For the last week or so I have been convinced that my house was haunted. I only moved in a few weeks ago and was totally new to the area, and there was some rather strange things going on. Most of the strange things like the noises I would hear during could be blamed on the old house, but then I noticed that the random rattling and banging noises I would hear started to get more intense whenever I would turn on the heating and cooling unit. I decided to call the local HVAC company and have them send somebody out to see if there actually was something wrong with the unit rather than the house. Sure enough, after the HVAC repairman showed up to my house and took a look at the furnace he discovered that the eerie sound I would hear when I was along wasn’t a ghost, but just a few screws loose in the heating and cooling unit. Apparently the previous owner hadn’t taken the time to repair the unit before moving out so it was very run down and needed some repairs before the unit broke down for good. After a few hours when the repairs were done, I was so relieved to be able to use the unit and not constantly hear random sounds coming from the unit while i was trying to go to bed. I guess I shouldn’t have instantly jumped to the conclusion of my new home being haunted, but I sure do sleep better at night knowing that all I needed was a little HVAC care!

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