I did my online research

My fireplace in our beach lake house can get pretty hot, and not to mention, our fireplace also has ash and the flames sometimes getting a bit wild, then i was trying to figure out a way to combat this. I did not want to make it so I could not use our fireplace. I looked into it, and I found out that I needed a fireplace screen! A fireplace screen is something that I should have got when I first had the fireplace installed 5 years ago, and but, when I got the fireplace, I had no method what was needed, then the replacement company that put in the fireplace never mentioned it, then also, I am no expert on fireplaces! But thanks to nice seasoned online research, I found that this was our problem. I went to a local hardware store to inquire about these screens for the fireplace. They told me for the recognizable  fireplace I had, I needed to go to a store that dealt with just fireplaces, and so, i did just that. I was shocked that there were all kinds of fireplace screens. They ranged from as cheap as 50 bucks, all the way up the thousands! Well, I am not a rich person! Who on earth would spend thousands on a screen for a fireplace anyhow? Maybe only those rich snots who have nothing better to do with their money! For me, the simple 50 dollar 1 will do just fine! I bought the cheap 1, put it into our fireplace, and now there is no more concerns with ash flying all over the site.

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