The middle of the day

In my early twenties, I used to make a habit of attending this awesome music festival in the middle of the state every year. It was always held in November, so the weather was usually pretty cool – it was perfect in this region, as this part of the south tends to stay hot for all but three months of the year. For five years in a row, I would buy general admission tickets, as I felt content with just being at the festival. Why bother with the frills, right? Well, in year six, I had some extra money laying around compared to usual. In the spirit of trying something different, I bought VIP tickets to the festival. Let me just say, it was the best idea yet! It was a hotter November than usual, but I didn’t have to worry about that for a change since there were cooling towers and portable air conditioning systems all around the VIP deck. Plus, I had access to the VIP bathrooms, which were also air conditioned and even came equipped with air purifiers! You’ve never really understood how foul a porta-potty smells, until you use a VIP bathroom at a festival. Plus, being in general admission usually meant that I’d have to come back to the hotel after the event and immediately take a shower, just to cool off and get the dirt off of me. This year, I was kept cool by all the portable air conditioning systems, and constantly kept standing in clean viewing areas. I still came back to the hotel and took a cool shower to relax, but it was nice to just enjoy the air conditioning in my hotel room instead of needing it desperately like always!

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