I was telling people what they needed to know

A lot of people I know are into making investments, but I love investments of the bizarre kind! High finance has always been slightly confusing for me, even when someone explains economics in straight-forward terms I have a tough time keeping it straight, it just all sounds like gibberish to me. I can still make investments, though, I just choose to invest in people – like in this situation – there was this boy in our development who came from a broken home, and of course had his share of complications, but he was a smart kid. I invested my time as well as my money in this boy, hoping that at some point, somehow, karma would reward my investment. So, when he graduated high school, I paid for him to take the heating, ventilation and air conditioning course at the local night school, so that he could earn his certification. He passed and within one week he was hired as an HVAC service technician at the local HVAC repair shop. My investment has already paid off, because the troubled child was now a functional adult with a great heating, ventilation and air conditioning job. As a bonus, he comes by every couple of months to check out my heating and cooling systems and gives them a tune up. The last time he stopped by, he mentioned that he was enrolled in more night classes for business and finance so he can have his own HVAC business in the future. I told him that when he graduated to come talk with me, because investing my money into a HVAC business seems like it could be a smart plan of action for me.