A newer air conditioner without air ducts

When I took my window air conditioner in for service I was surprised to see that they needed to keep it for a few days. The company that I use normally offers same-day service but they said that there was an issue that would take longer to address. The window unit is about 6 years old and I knew that it was having a harder time keeping my bedroom cool, but, I never imagined that the heat exchanger would have to be completely removed to be cleaned. Each year I normally take it in and they change out filters, give it a good once-over, and I’m ready to go. I did however decide to store it in the outside shed this past year and maybe that caused more problems. When is out there is exposed to dirt and debris it gets blown in under the door as well as the possibility of insects or rodents being around it. Apparently the dampness out in the shed had added to the problem because the heat exchanger coils were corroded and needed to be fully cleaned. This meant that they had to remove them from the unit and use a specialized cleaning agent to remove the build-up. Build up and debris on your heat exchanger can cause your air conditioner to not work properly and if completely clogged not work at all. The heat exchanger is comprised of a series of tubes and other parts that need to be maintenanced occasionally to ensure that your air conditioner runs as it is supposed to. It is a smaller system in a window unit but your traditional HVAC system can run into the same problems and this could be a costly repair.

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