Portable heat and air

I own a very large, very old home in the northern part of the country. We deal with temperatures down to twenty below zero in the winter. During the summer, it’s not unusual for the temperature to climb into the high eighties. The cost of heating and cooling is an issues nearly all year round. I’m always looking for ways to improve the comfort and energy efficiency of my home. When I first bought the home, the windows all leaked air and there was no insulation in the walls.  The gas furnace and central cooling system were very outdated, and the thermostat was plastic dial that I needed to manually adjust. Because of the age of the heating and cooling system, it was not environmentally friendly or especially energy efficient. The furnace lacked crucial safety features and the air conditioner used Freon refrigerant. The system failed to meet current efficiency regulations. Not only did I spend a fortune on monthly energy bills, but the house was often overheated and sticky in the summer and downright chilly in the winter. Although replacing the entirety of the heating and cooling system was a very expensive and involved project, it was worth it.  I took out a home improvement loan and invested in top-of-the-line HVAC equipment. The gas furnace achieves a 98% AFUE rating while the central cooling system manages a 26 SEER. The modern heating and cooling systems have trimmed monthly energy expenses by 30%. They also supply far superior comfort and air quality. The operate quietly, reliably and allow modern innovations, such as a smart thermostat and zone control.

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