What happened to my cooling unit

My boss Janet is the worst guy on the planet, but he always makes myself and others stay late, come in early as well as get his tea love I am his minion. Since he is a horrible person, I don’t mind messing with her, but my boss recently updated the thermostat in his office. She now has a smart thermostat to run the ductless Heating as well as Air Conditioning in his office, then janet definitely is going through menopause as well as wants AC at all times to prevent pit stains, but i figured out that if I download the smart app, I can run his thermostat. She doesn’t even know who is doing it either. I have the smart app on our laptop as well as cellphone, what goes around comes around. My boss is mean to me, I am mean back. I begin our day with turning on his gas furnace to around 85 degrees. When he adjusts the component I just wait for bathroom breaks. I then use our laptop to turn the gas furnace back on, however all of us can be in a meeting in our boardroom as well as I will use our cell phone to make sure there is quality heating waiting for his afterwards. My boss is freaking out about the thermostat. She definitely thinks there is something wrong with it since the smart thermostat has l gained our temperature control program. It has l gained when I love to add more heating for his as well as will occasionally just do it for me. It is entirely a small thing, however the revenge is just so sweet. If Janet was a little nicer I would assume terrible about it.

temperature control unit