I was headed there already

When making wine, temperature control is key… You can’t let the wine get too sizzling or too freezing during the fermentation process. You can totally spoil the wine and ruin an entire batch of it, but when I started up my own winery, the first thing I looked into was Heating and Air Conditioning. I knew I needed both heating and cooling for the building since I live in the north. I found a ductless heat pump online. It seemed perfect… No air ducts, both heating and air and the system is said to be real energy efficient. I purchased the system online rather than a Heating and Air Conditioning supplier to save money. I also price tested with multiple Heating and Air Conditioning business and got a guy to do the upgrade for currency at half the cost. Now that I have a heat pump, I can tell you that northerners should never buy it. I wish the Heating and Air Conditioning business would have warned me. I ended up spoiling a immense batch of wine since it got too freezing in the Wintertime. The reason is that heat pumps only move existing heat energy in the air quality. So in the Wintertime the heat energy outside is supposed to be pumped indoors. Well when you get afternoons of -20 degrees, there is no heat energy to pump. Heat pumps are obsolete when the temperatures drop below 40 degrees. I messed up and genuinely paid the price. Now I need to find an additional gas furnace to work with the heat pump so I don’t spoil more wine. I will end up not saving any money at all.

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