I should probably take a vacation

About a week before the 4th of July, my wife and I were planning a Fourth of July celebration for friends and family. I decided that we needed to take care of our air conditioning system. I called up the HVAC company and told them that I wanted to upgrade my air conditioner to one that could freeze hell over if I wanted. The HVAC technician I spoke to laughed and said he knew just what I needed. So we arranged for the appointment to upgrade the air conditioner to something really powerful. After the installation of the new air conditioner unit, he recommended a smart thermostat as well. He said this would definitely complement the new cooling system. He said it would learn our preferred settings automatically, and we would be able to adjust the thermostat settings remotely. I loved the sound of this, and I was definitely sold when he said it would even help us save money on our energy bills. So by the time we got to the 4th of July, we had the best party ever. We had barbecue, set off fireworks, and got to spend time with all our beloved family and friends. On top of all this, the air quality was perfect in our home and I actually had an air conditioner that could create winter like conditions in the midst of the summer months. Everybody complimented us on our excellent air conditioning machine. They said the cooling air felt wonderful after being outside in the intense heat.

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