A rather quick change

Recently, my grandfather was saying he needs to keep up with the times. He was asking me if I knew about modern HVAC systems. I told him I knew a little bit, but it would probably be best to talk with the HVAC professionals. He wanted me to tell him what I knew so he could consider the options and upgrade to something modern. I told him that the modern-day HVAC systems were great because they were so energy-efficient. I said to be with the times, it would be best to get a smart thermostat. I said with this thermostat you can control your HVAC system remotely from pretty much anywhere. He was in shock when I told him this. I said you can actually control the HVAC system with your smartphone. He actually was using an old flip phone, so he said he would have to look into getting a smartphone. I told him I could definitely help him find a great deal on a phone and he could get an excellent service plan as well. As far as the HVAC systems go, I said they had nice heating systems like radiant heated floors, geothermal HVAC systems, ductless mini split HVAC systems which required no ductwork, and heat pumps. I said he would really have to call the HVAC company though, if he wanted to learn more about these HVAC systems. He thanked me for telling him a little bit about what I knew. I told him it was no problem. I think it’s great that he’s taking steps to live more in the modern world.

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