I was just a teenager

A few months ago, my wife and I decided to tour an old cigar Factory. My family has been in the tobacco industry for a long time. Cigars are in our heritage. We have a small cigar shop that hand rolls cigars all day. My wife and I were excited to tour the cigar factory, which was one of the oldest in our state. This place was known for its extraordinary use of hemp paper. My wife and I were part of a tour group of 15 or 20 people. We toured a great deal of the building, before we came to a room with people hand-rolling cigars. The room had 20 different stations with two people hand-rolling cigars at each station. The room was only accessible by hid reader. Since the cigars needed to be kept in a special temperature controlled area, only certain people could access the area. Our tour guide explained the intricate HVAC system. The room was filled with many different air vents and exposed ductwork. The HVAC system was set up just for the task of rolling cigars. The HVAC system included a specialized humidifier. The system kept the room at the perfect temperature, with perfect humidity conditions. The HVAC conditions were especially important, because the indoor air quality conditions affected the taste and quality of the tobacco. The light humidity made it possible to roll the cigars, without damaging the delicate hemp paper. It was an intricate system and very interesting to watch. At the conclusion of our tour, we each received a hand rolled cigar. It was the best cigar I ever smoked.

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