We have a great heating system

Growing up living with my parents was the best. My brothers and sisters all got along great, and my parents were both awesome. My mother was a teacher, and my father was an HVAC repairman. Another added bonus of having a father who knows his way around heating and cooling units was that I always had a free HVAC repair man on speed dial since I only lived ten minutes away once I graduated college and got a job. Once I was offered another job and move seven hours away however, I realized just how spoiled I had been growing up and also being a full grown adult who had never had to worry about patching up or scheduling an appointment with an HVAC service company. When my heating and cooling unit broke down at my new house, I tried my best to follow the advice my dad had given me over the years but just ended up making it even worse. I gave up after an hour or so of messing with the unit and decided to call the nearby HVAC service company. To keep a long story short, these guys were not your friendly neighborhood HVAC repairman like my dad. They were very unprofessional, and seemed to have as much knowledge about heating and cooling units as I did and that is not a compliment. To add some insult to injury, they overcharged me an extra fifty bucks for a simple checkup. If I ever do end up moving back home, it will be so I am closer to dad so I never have to stress about this HVAC repair stuff ever again.

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