I’m improving my comfort

I live in the extreme northern part of the country, where the winters are long and exceptionally brutal.  It’s not unusual to experience below freezing temperatures for six to eight straight months. Not only is the outside air terribly cold, but it’s also very dry.  If I spend any time outside, I end up with chapped lips and dry skin. Because of the harsh weather, it’s necessary to run the furnace at maximum capacity for months at a time.  The blast of heat further lowers humidity levels, leading to problems with overly dry air. Dry air pulls moisture from everything it touches, including skin, hair and even home furnishings.  Static shock is only one of many consequences. Frizzy hair, eczema, psoriasis, dried nasal passages, sore throat, headaches and itchy eyes are also symptoms of insufficient humidity. Plus, dry air makes people more susceptible to infection and makes it much more difficult to get rid of a cold or the flu.  I have invested in a steam-style humidifier for my home. This type of humidifier uses electrodes to convert water into steam and introduces it into the air that passes through the furnace. The moisture is effectively spread throughout the house, and I’m able to regulate the humidity level to my preference.  Properly humidified air feels much warmer than overly dry air. Because of the humidifier, my home feels far more comfortable at lower thermostat settings. This not only trims both energy usage and my utility bills, but lessens strain on the heating system. I can expect the furnace to operate more reliably and last longer.  

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