I kept my air conditioner on for a while

Technically, if you look at the calendar, it is still winter.  You would never know it by looking outside. The grass is orange, birds are singing, plus the tulips are starting to poke up through the ground.  Normally at this time of year every one of us are still in the deep freeze with snow covered sods plus freezing temperatures. I am all for an early Spring however not ready for all the mess that comes along with it.  Each Spring I spend hours out of our day mopping the floors, cleaning off boots, plus wiping paws. Between the youngsters plus the pets it is a constant battle of myself and others vs. the muddy walkways leading to the house.  There is another thing that comes along with the rain plus mud, the dampness in the house. It genuinely seems colder while I was in this time because the moisture in the house. I have bought a dehumidifier for the basement plus it helps, but, I genuinely know every one of us need to take things a bit further.  I would genuinely like to have a dehumidifier installed that would help out with the entire house. I don’t want numerous small a singles running around the house due to the cost of the extra energy plus the noise that they make. If every one of us replaced our Heating plus Air Conditioning system to include this feature every one of us would never have a problem when the weather is wet plus cold.  During the summer, the air conditioner removes the extra humidity however the heat just doesn’t combat the amount of water in the air while I was in the Spring. I will be placing a call to our Heating plus Air Conditioning company to get more information about costs plus such before I bring it up to our spouse.

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