A lot of hot air

In our home, the smoke detector is our worst enemy.  I know they are there for our safety and I would never remove them but when you hear it on a daily basis you almost become numb to it’s endless cry.  No, my mom is not a terrible cook, she doesn’t burn everything, my dad is the problem. Everytime he tries to start a fire in the fireplace he sets off the alarm.  He just can’t seem to find a way to start a fire without blowing on it continually. He wants an instant heat to come out of it and if the flames start to get lower than he thinks they should be, he begins huffing and puffing on them to bring them back to life. The house fills with smoke everytime and we have to disable the alarms until the fire is producing heat.  I have tried on many occasions to show him different ways to stack the wood in the fireplace for better results but he insists that he knows the best way to start a fire. Clearly not! I have also talked to my parents about contacting the HVAC dealer to see about a gas insert for the fireplace. These can produce heat on demand and even be controlled by a thermostat.  They would no longer have to deal with the mess of the firewood or a smoke filled house. They could still have the look of a fireplace and supplemental heat and I think it would solve a lot of problems. They don’t seem to want to listen so maybe I will go to the HVAC dealer and get some brochures to just leave around the house for them to read.