We are freezing in our own home

I trip down south to get away from the Winter weather… I have a little beach home that I spend the few months in. This year I had to leave in the middle of our season to go back north for jury duty. I was so cheerful that I had to go home because I came into a bad heating situation; While I was gone, the heating system in our family room must have went out. In the north it is so cold that it calls for numerous heaters. With no family room heating, the family room gas fireplace could not handle the -10 degree cold. The home was 30 degrees and the family room plumbing had to totally frozen solid. I got a couple of section heating systems going and managed to thaw the pipes out. The water then was able to flow in the family room. The whole home temperature was able to get up to 50 degrees, part of the issue is the serious cold outside, another space is that the home is not airtight and the main cause is the bad heating in our house. If the home would have gotten any colder the pipes would have burst due to the frozen water. Then I would have run into a real mess. Thankfully I got it all squared away. I never would have known about this issue if I would not have come home. I suppose what I am going to do for next time is get a smart control device to run the temperature and also have someone check on the home to make sure there are no frozen pipes.

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