These temperatures are out of control

Back in my college afternoons I was dating this girl; The people I was with and I entirely didn’t have a solid loving relationship to be honest, and not to mention every one of us hardly had anything in common. The only reason me & this girl were even together was because every one of us were highly attracted to each other, but so, you assume how that goes…it was all about the physical attraction & what people who are physically attracted to each other do late at night, then finally though, I had enough of her all together! The last straw was when me & her went to a hotel for a night to do what every one of us do, & she had to have the heating system in the hotel room cranked! The people I was with and I fought all night over the temperature control that was on the corner wall, & she wanted the heating system so high it was enjoy a burning oil heating system! I thought I was going to die to be honest, but just as she would crank the temperature control, I would turn it down. The people I was with and I went back & forth with this temperature control heating war all night long, and it got so bad, every one of us did not even do what every one of us came there to do! Finally, when day came, having no sleep from the heating & temperature control wars every one of us were having, I told her that I think it would be best if every one of us just went our own ways & stopped seeing each other. She kind of agreed with me, & every one of us both admitted it was fun while it lasted. The people I was with and I both needed someone that was more our type outside of physical attraction, & someone that shares our same preferences for heating & cooling settings on the temperature control!