I decided to get it done

I think that in every career that there is, people have things that they love and other things that they hate. It doesn’t matter if you’re a plumber or a scuba diver or a brain surgeon. You’re going to like some things about your job and you’re going to hate other things. I’ve been working in the heating and cooling industry for the past ten years or so, and I’ve figured out the things that I love and the things that I hate. I love installation jobs where I get to install oil furnaces, gas furnaces, gas fireplaces, air purification systems, and central air conditioning units. Putting in a new HVAC system is actually fun for me and it’s very satisfying! I love to leave a customer’s home knowing that their nice new HVAC system is functioning properly and keeping their home warm and cozy or nice and cool. Plus if they get an air purification system, I always feel like I did a good deed for them and their kids by giving them cleaner air to breathe inside their homes! On the other hand, though, the thing that I hate doing more than anything else in my HVAC career is the dreaded air vent cleaning job. Those are the worst things to mess with, in my opinion. You get covered in dirt and dust and debris and I seem to always end up with an allergy attack or a cold after I finish a duct cleaning job. I try and get out of those jobs – I sign up for as many furnace installations as I possibly can and I try to leave all the vent cleanings for the newer guys at the HVAC company!

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