Fixing issues around our home

How many times of the year do you reserve an overnight stay at a hotel/motel? According to the U.S Travel Association, nearly 3 out of 4 domestic trips are taken for leisure purposes on average by most Americans fifty miles or more away from home.


Have you ever immediately detected a foul odor comparable to rotten eggs, burning wires, or a heavy musty smell upon entering your assigned room? We must assume that the rooms we reserve have been kept up to code.  But if a smell is present, then there is something wrong with the air conditioning or heating system. More than likely it’s due to lack of maintenance, poor installation, or an old unit that needs replacing … all of which can contribute to dangerous malfunctions that need immediate attention.


If it’s rotten eggs you smell, know that it’s dangerous, because there’s a natural gas leak somewhere.  The leak may be coming from the establishments heating system. Gas leaks are a common cause for explosions, and you should evacuate your room immediately and notify management, so they can contact their HVAC Provider or Furnace Repair Technician immediately.


It you detect a heavy musty odor, your rooms air conditioner drain is clogged, allowing water to build up in the drain pan.  This can prove a breeding ground for mold and mildew and causing the distinct odor. Shut the air conditioner off and notify management know right away.  Mold is unsafe to breathe in and if you sleep through the night, ignoring the smell, you can develop a serious respiratory infection.


If something is overheating, the burning smell will be obvious. The air conditioning or heating system’s motor could be overheating, the electrical wiring could we worn with age or torn.  Contact management immediately and also shut off the air conditioner and heating system. Your safety is key and acting quickly will guarantee just that.

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