A new home construction

My wife and I recently retired, and we invested our life savings into getting one of those custom built homes for us to grow old in. There was a whole blueprint that needed to be drawn up by the construction company as to what we wanted in the house, and what kind of features, etc. When it came to how we wanted our heating and cooling, we decided to go with a central air conditioning as well as a new invention in the heating and cooling industry. Something called radiant heated floors. Radiant heated floors are a form of HVAC technology to where the floors actually provide the heat of the heating system instead of it coming out of your central air vents like regular heating and air conditioning. In order to get radiant heated floors, we had to go with an all tile floor lay out. This was fine with us as it will save on having to clean carpets all the time every few months. Also, with radiant heated floors, the heating is controlled the same way through the thermostat on the wall. Radiant heated floors we were told is also a major energy saver and can save you tons on your monthly electric bills that would be higher running a general central heating and cooling system. It will be interesting to see our first electric bill as well as experience this new heating and cooling technology of radiant heated floors in our brand new up to date home! The house itself will be ready for move in and completely built in about a year, we are looking forward to it highly!