Super cold computer lab

I am currently in school studying to become a lawyer. My class load is crazy and it makes it really difficult for me to have anything other than school going on in my life. I know that might sound a bit dramatic, but it is the truth. I really don’t have time to have an after school job because I need to use those hours to study for exams and write papers. Many of my friends are already out of school so they don’t understand my crazy class schedule and my workload. Last week a friend as me to go to coffee, I had to decline her invitation for the fifth time this month. She hung up the phone and I could tell she was very upset with me. I don’t have time for people like this in my life because I have a goal and I am going to reach it. Most of the time I spend my nights in the school computer lab, it is my favorite place to study these days. They keep the air conditioner blasting so it is really easy for me to focus. The cold temperature of the computer lab also helps keep me awake during long study sessions. Many of my classmates complain about the thermostat being set too low, however I love feel like air conditioner blasting out of the HVAC vents. I really think it helps me get a lot of school work done! I hope the school doesn’t change the thermostat of the computer lab because my classmates are complaining!

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