My old bachelor pad and its HVAC system

My first home was a double wide, and I was quite happy with it. It was in such a lovely and peaceful neighborhood too. Once I was all set up and ready to go in there, I felt like I could ┬ánever possibly want anything more in a residence. Admittedly, that was still when I was a bachelor, and now I have a wife and three kids, so the amount of space wouldn’t do anymore, not as far as I’m concerned. However, back when it was just me, chilling out on my lonesome, I loved that little house. I have to say that the kitchen and living room area were my favorite parts of that house, as I loved to cook and hang out with buddies and girlfriends in that wing. Another particular aspect that I enjoyed in that home was the fact that I opted for ductless mini-split HVAC equipment. These powerful little systems provided all the heating and cooling I needed. I did not wish to bother with ductwork and a central HVAC system, and the ductless system was more conducive for my needs anyway. I really only needed two systems on either side of the home to keep things comfortable, both in the winter and summer. The units themselves are small and affordable and installation was very easy. I can’t believe how much heating and cooling these little systems managed to push out, all without the benefit of ductwork. My little bachelor pad was such a delightful and inviting place, thanks largely to the ductless mini split HVAC units!

mini split HVAC