Greenhouse made possible by gas heating

My partner is rarely seen lately ever since she got her new Christmas present, but honestly I couldn’t be happier for her. While I love a nice long hike, regardless of how cold it is, she is not so inclined. She really doesn’t like winter at all and likes being outside in it even less. When it gets below 40 degrees, which is basically the months of December to May where we live, she’s usually stuck inside reading a book or watching a TV show. While she likes these things just fine, she really loathes being stuck inside so much. I’ve tried to get various winter gear to make being outside more tolerable for her, but even these don’t work for her. Finally I had to give in and just get her something she would actually love all year round. So, I surprised her with blueprints for a new green house, which was just finished last week. The greenhouse is built on the side of the house with the right level of sunlight according to the contractor, and is then piped through the house to work with our central heater. All of it is made possible because we upgraded the gas boiler. This new condenser boiler model can handle what is essentially a sauna addition to the home plan with ease. Unlike our old boiler, this one works to actively recover heat that previously was just lost to the process of heating the water for the system. In this way, we can heat the greenhouse and run the humidistat without paying a ludicrously high heating bill.

geothermal heating