Circuit breaker tripped when I tried to turn on the A/C

Last summer I remember coming home from work in a bad thunderstorm. The winds and rain and lightning were just beginning to subside when I pulled into my driveway. I got into my house, took off my clothes, and took a quick shower before stepping out and realizing that it was a little warm in my home. I turned on the air conditioning system and immediately the circuit breaker tripped. Puzzled, I walked over to the electrical box in the garage, flipped the switch to the off position and then into the on position again. I went to go try and start the A/C again and the same thing happened! The circuit breaker tripped again. I decided that I did not want to mess with it any further. I mean I’m no electrician, but I know that a circuit breaker tripping is for my own safety. It was late in the afternoon and evening was coming on, so I knew that I would not be able to call out an HVAC technician until the next day. That next morning, I made an appointment for service and the technician arrived around noon. When he examined the electrical wiring in a certain part of the HVAC unit he found that there had been an electrical short, probably brought on by a lightning strike from the storm last afternoon. He told me that it was good that I called him out, because this could be a potential fire hazard, and though it was annoying, I should be thankful that the circuit breaker tripped. He managed to repair the wiring and I was only too happy to pay the service charge. At least it wasn’t something more serious and I called him out when I did!

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